artist bio


My first
emblem design. 

My obsession for car modification erupted at the hands of a Jetta. A modified MK3 Jetta slammed to the ground on H&R Springs. A Wings West Body Kit, 16” wheels, fully built suspension, and best of all murdered out (or blacked out for those unfamiliar with the term). I was 15 years old and purchasing carbon fiber trim pieces before I had my license. I was the only teenager I knew willing to blow my tiny paycheck on modifications, but I couldn’t slow down my obsession was full blown. I turned my front grille emblem upside down and blacked it out.

My first emblem design. 

I crawled inside and removed dash pieces, trim, headliner, anything that could be painted and converted to art. I can’t speak to the quality, but the desire was running through my veins and that is truly where it began. 

hooked on

The Jetta ended in tragedy after a stereo shop installed faulty wiring. The car burned to nothing, and I watched my work literally go up in flames.  Although sad, this only opened the door to the next project... a red, manual E36 BMW (although I did rebuild the VW alongside). 

As much as I was captured by the automotive world, art was a close second as were new, emerging concepts.. Typography (the study of fonts), sketching, painting, even sewing (mainly so I could redo my seat covers). Anything that allowed creation and innovation. I find myself easily bored with the common; I am always redesigning the ordinary in my head to imagine it as extraordinary. 

When I was introduced to hydro-graphics I was hooked. The art of water printing is difficult, tricky, and more than often cheaply done. I devoted myself night and day to perfecting it. I could never stand for a less than ideal piece and the slightest defects always sent me back to the drawing board. 

Fast forward to my business
Deep Blue Chrome

As many car enthusiasts will understand I was displeased with all the chrome floating about in the automotive world and wondered why this had never been addressed. I saw the industry moving into more chrome and cookie cutter looks. I wanted to break that mold. My goal though was not just to change this growing issue with beautiful colors and patterns but to take it even further. I wanted these pieces signifying art and to capture an expression of the vehicle’s theme. 

Fast forward to my business, Deep Blue Chrome.

I have now been in business for several years selling carbon fiber patterned emblems and trim pieces. I have a large clientele, and many repeat customers. It is thrilling to help a customer design and bring forth their vision. Custom projects are my passion, to date I have not faced an artistic challenge that I couldn’t exceed.

a quiet touch
a loud presence

Emblems may be a quiet touch, but they have a loud presence when presented correctly. I studied and sold emblems for several years, learning their origin, fitment, and differences internationally.  I consider myself an emblem expert and was one of the highest emblem re-sellers in the world. As an artisan in the automotive world, my desire is to give my customers what no other shop can.  I want to bring your vehicle theme to life, with the smallest yet boldest of touches (minus the flames).