• We charge approximately $60 an emblem when you send them to us. That price will cover the basics such as black carbon, changing to a gloss painted only, different colors or carbons ect.

  • To add a second color or more intrquite designs (such as a specific paint code, edges in different borders, or any other major changes) will be an upcharge. To get your price it would be best to message us with your request, please be as specific as possible including shades (example deep metallic red, or bright red). We can email you back examples and pictures to help if we know what you have in mind.

  • Once you are assured this is the way you want to go we will ask you to send your parts to the given address. We ask that you include your contact information as well as your design preferences. When you ship please ship with tracking and insurance. We will not be liable for any emblems sent to us that are lost in postage and this is the best way to protect your parts from going missing.

  • We will cover the shipping back to you.

  • Please be aware that this process will take 3-5 weeks. This is very dependent on what you are sending and what we are doing. Simpler smaller pieces can be finished quickly, others may need more time. We can offer you a better time frame once we know what we will be doing for you.

  • Condition of the emblems must be good. Good being no cracks, breaks, or peeling chrome. You are not expected to remove the tape from the back of the emblem, we will handle this for you. We will also re-tape any that require tape for installation, so when they return to you they are ready to go!

  • Removing your existing emblems will be up to your best judgement. YouTube, Google, and forums are great resources for finding this information. Every vehicle is different, and since we are not there with your car we can't offer direct advice. 

  • We are only allowed to work on Genuine OEM parts and will not be able to make any exceptions for aftermarket, or fake parts. If received they will be shipped immediately back to you.

  • We ask that you allow us the full time quoted to you. Although we wish we had the man power to write updates, please be aware we maintain on average several hundred customers a month and it is not possible. If you do have questions regarding your order we do our best to answer within 24-48 hours. 

  • Payment will not be due until your emblems are complete. At this time we will send you a PayPal invoice (you do not need a PayPal account as it will allow you to pay with a card) with the discussed amount.




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