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One of a kind

These one-of-a-kind Chrysler emblems ship within 24 hours of purchase. Over the last few of years I’ve personally handmade and sold hundreds of these Chrysler wings and nameplates primarily in a Subtle Black Carbon Fiber Pattern so you can be assured this is where you want to purchase. Across the Mopar brand the Chrysler 300 has been my favorite and primary model of focus. With the size and visibility of these Chrysler wings I feel changing the finish from the stock silver chrome creates an entirely different look for the vehicle. 

carbon weave

The two finishes shattered and interwoven are Subtle Black Carbon Fiber and Porsche Miami Blue paint. The carbon weave pattern has an incredibly realistic look and can go from looking just black to a glistening carbon depending on the lighting conditions. The front and rear wings are exact opposites of each other. The front wing is primarily Miami Blue with a small amount of shattered carbon throughout and an OEM black and chrome Chrysler insert. The rear wing is primarily Subtle Black Carbon with the Miami Blue paint shattered and the insert painted to match.  

long-lasting finish

Prior to painting all chrome was removed from the surface in an extensively thorough prep process. Over the top we use an extremely high-quality gloss clear coat that has a built-in flex agent and UV resistance which offers superior protection from chemicals, temperature, and weather to ensure a durable long-lasting finish that can be treated just like the paint on your vehicle. 

additional variations

Please contact us if you would like another variation of these 300 emblems made to fit your vehicle or any additional pieces designed to match. The letter “S” can be exchanged for a “C” if needed. The AWD emblem can be added for an additional $65 in Subtle Black Carbon. The OEM wheel caps can also be made to match for an additional $140 for the set of 4. 


Chrysler part numbers;
1. 68231800AC Original MSRP $54.95
2. 05182285AD Original MSRP $87.15
3. 68231320AB Original MSRP $52.25

Placement; Front and Rear

We use only Genuine OEM Acura emblems for this process, so these items have perfect fitment and are a direct replacement for your original emblems.

Fits the following Chrysler models and years;
300 2015-2022

$475 for a set of x3 with Free Priority shipping anywhere within the U.S.

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